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 Camping Rates

Camping Information

  • Adults /teens are full price

  • Children ages 10-12 are half price

  • Children ages 9-under are free.

  • Some events are priced per day other events are prices per night. 

All Events except NHRA US National Drags 

Includes camping for up to 2 people in the site.  Additional adults/teens are $15 per night / children ages 10-12 are $7.50 per night  


30 amp sites $62.50/night  

50 amp sites $80/night 

Non electric sites $45/night

Cleetus and Cars, Indy 500, Ultimate Call Out Challenge and Slamology Minimum stay 3 days/2 nights- Friday-Sunday (additional days upon request) 


NASCAR & ARCA  Minimum stay 4 days/3 nights-Thursday-Sunday (additional days upon request)

NHRA US National Drags

Reserved and Walk up Camp Site Info

Reservations are taken for all the electric sites and for a limited amount of non-electric sites. Reservations for our camp sites require payment of a full week stay (Monday - Monday) which includes camping for up to 2 adults.  Any additional adults or teens will pay their camping fees at check-in based upon their arrival day-see pricing chart below. There are no refunds for early departure. 

Electric Site Reservations- Arrival anytime after noon on Monday-8 day event (Gates will open on Saturday -10 day stay-however additional fees will apply if choosing to arrive early)

  • $500 for 30 AMP electric site

  • $550 for 50 AMP electric site

Non Electric Generator and No Generator "Premier Primitive" Site Reservations

  • $320 for premier primitive site located in row 2 (no generator)

  • $320 for No Electric site where you can run a generator in a designated row

Non Electric sites located in rows 9-25-where generators are allowed, are sold first-come-first-served. Reservations for these sites are not taken. No taping off or saving additional sites without payment of at least one adult for the day you begin to save or occupy the site -see price list below


Non Electric Site Rates in rows 9-25 or Additional Person joining a reservation party are listed below and are per person, based on arrival day through to the end of the event.

 Arrival                              Price per person

Saturday     10 Day Stay             $200

Sunday         9 Day Stay             $180

Monday         8 Day Stay             $160

Tuesday        7 Day Stay             $140

Wednesday   6 Day Stay             $120

Thursday       5 Day Stay             $100

Friday            4 Day Stay             $ 80

Saturday        3 Day Stay            $  60

Sunday          2 Day Stay             $ 50

Monday         1 Day Stay             $ 30 



How to Reserve

Reservations can be made during the event or by calling 317-852-5737.  

Payment can be made by cash, check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover).

Requested reserved sites made over the phone and paid by check will be held for 10 days to allow sufficient time for payment to be mailed to:


Raceview Family Campground

PO Box 34376

Indianapolis, IN 46234


Reservation Cancellation Policy                                                                                                             If a cancellation is requested, it must be submitted 30 days or more prior to the start of the event camping dates by mail to PO Box 34376, Indianapolis, IN 46234 or email to including the confirmation # and camper info, all money will be refunded less a $50 cancellation fee per site.  For all events, except NHRA US National Drags, any cancellation made 14 days and under and up until 5 days prior to your scheduled arrival date will receive a campground credit less a $50 transfer fee to use at another date during the camping season. If the credit is not used by the end of the Original booking season it shall be forfeited. 

Event Rescheduling Policies

If a race is rescheduled for the same year due to extreme weather or pandemic event, Raceview Family Campground will respond in kind by rescheduling the camping dates to correspond. There is no need to call to switch dates. You will automatically receive an email confirming the new camping dates. If you can not attend the rescheduled event, please notify the office 30 days prior 317-852-5737 to discuss options.  If the reschedule is due to weather and several  days are used up before the event reschedules, the camper will get a camping credit for the days unused (ie used 4 out of 7 days, results in 3 days credit) during the rescheduled event only. 

Camp Site Details

All primitive sites have a grass pad and  measure approximately 25-30’ wide to 50’ long. Generators may be used in the primitive areas excluding row 2 and 7 but management reserves the right to shut down excessively loud units. Most electric sites have a grass pad and measure approximately 25-30' wide to 50' to 60' long. Some sites have a gravel type pad.


Electric Service Details

We offer 30 amp, 50 amp and 20 amp electric service. Only one camping unit may plug into the receptacle per site. Management reserves the right to evaluate amperage pulled by a unit and unplug electrical appliances pulling over amperage purchased.  


Small Vehicle Permit

For your convenience, with the purchase of a $40 small vehicle permit, you have the privilege to bring and ride a small motorized vehicle (scooter, mini-bike, golf cart, ATV, etc). *not required for all events.. Payment for small vehicles is collected at check in. .


parking Rates

Our close proximity to the drag strip, oval and west pit areas and Ronald Reagan Parkway makes our parking location ideal. Many of our parkers enjoy walking back and forth to the track for a picnic lunch, restroom break or nap. Tailgating is welcomed. Parking rates vary between $10 to $40 depending on the event. If more than one parking spot is used, additional charges may apply. Overnight camping is not allowed in the parking lot. If your plans change and you decide to camp, please register at the front gate to get your credentials and proceed to the campground area. 

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